At Cabot Mews we take security very seriously.

We have maximised security in every apartment by installing BPT intercom systems that allow you to both talk to and see a visitor before opening the front door remotely. The flush wall mounted colour monitors do not compromise aesthetics, as their innovative design incorporates elegance within their high quality and functionality specification. These video and audio door entry systems provide increased safety and peace of mind for all residents. Discreet CCTV cameras also operate in all internal circulation areas.

Throughout the design and construction stages of Cabot Mews we have worked along side the organisation Secured By Design (SBD). Secured by Design is the corporate name for a group of national police projects that focus on the design and security aspects of buildings, in order to minimise crime. Areas where SBD have been involved include the design and layout of the apartments as well as the choice of components such as doors, windows and locks.  

Independently both the SALTO keyless locks and the UK Doorsets Ltd multi point door locking systems used in every apartment, have been awarded SBD status. The planning gone into Cabot Mews and the high quality security products that it incorporates have given it this Secured by Design accreditation.

SALTO keyless locks are provided for the front door of each apartment and house, as well as the main entrance to the apartment buildings. These electronic locks allow residents entry into the building or their apartment through the use of a key card. In the future it will be possible to use NFC enabled smart phones as your key.

One of the main advantages of this type of lock is the higher grade of security that they provide. Whilst enhancing security, the system is also very easy to use. Should you lose your keycard, it can simply be deactivated from the system and a new one issued. You can also request an activated  keycard for a visitor who you wish to enter when you are not at home yourself. This card will then expire after a certain length of time has passed.

Each apartment front door locks automatically as it closes which provides convenience and security to residents. So whether you are on your way out in a hurry or coming home with a large amount of shopping, there is no need to manually lock and secure the door behind yourself.

A lift provides access to all floors at The Sugar Store