Heating and Ventilation

Heating & Ventilation

Life at Cabot Mews is designed for comfort, whatever the weather. Even better, the forecast energy bills are low!

Ventilation replaces air in an area in order to control temperature, remove moisture, odours, heat, dust, airborne bacteria and carbon dioxide and also replenish oxygen levels. The ventilation systems used in Cabot Mews ensure an acceptable indoor air quality by introducing outside air, to keep indoor air circulating and to prevent stagnation.

The HR250 is the ventilation system installed into each apartment, containing a fan assisted heat recovery unit. The system controls condensation and odours, produces up to 70% heat recovery, eliminates mould growth and ultimately provides a healthier indoor living environment.

As a result of moisture forming on cold surfaces, such as windows and exterior walls, mould will grow causing decay and adverse health effects, with unhealthy bacteria and gasses also forming in the air. With the latest HRV, fresh air ventilation system installed however, unclean indoor air will be removed and fresh outdoor air dispensed into the apartment. Whilst exchanging heat and humidity between supply and exhaust air, the outdoor air will become suited to the conditions of that indoors. This process will therefore prevent the growth of mould in every apartment. 

At Cabot Mews we pay attention to detail and take nothing for chance. We have even installed stainless steel hot tanks, as they don't erode and have a life time guarantee.



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